Crickets As Obama Speaks At The Hague

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March 25, 2014, the Hague, Netherlands. Six minutes of joint remarks with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands ended with….nothing. No clapping, no cheering, no reaction at all from the press corp in attendance.

Amid the Crimea/Ukraine/Russia situation, scandals closer to the U.S. homeland were brought up and Obama’s comments were hollow at best. Seemingly unprepared for the final question, Obama stammers and awkwardly ends the press conference.

When asked about the NSA scandal, he states:

And so it’s going to be necessary for us — the step we took that was announced today I think is an example of us slowly, systematically putting in more checks, balances, legal processes. The good news is that I’m very confident that it can be achieved. And I’m also confident that the core values that America has always believed in — in terms of privacy, rule of law, individual rights — that that has guided, you know, the United States for many years and it will continue to guide us into the future.

In light of everything that has transpired on his watch, Obama’s “confidence” is hardly worth the air he breathed in to discuss it. The fallacy of his statement is beyond measure when you pick apart his flowery language to determine his point.

He did not re-state “the step” that was taken, first of all. So, whatever it was must have seemed insufficient to onlookers to address the apparent spying of the U.S. Government on its own citizens and world leaders. Everyone all around the world is also painfully aware that this administration has not slowly or systematically done anything with the possible exception of producing Lois Lerner’s e-mails. “Checks, balances, legal processes.” Seriously? No one who has being paying attention thinks that the man who shoved Obamacare down the throats of the American people and used his pen to grant amnesty to 5 million criminal inhabitants gives a whit about checking his own authority, maintaining balance in the branches of government, or the law of the land he refuses to enforce.

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The only thing more arrogant than Obama’s assumption that everyone in the world is aware of every step he takes is his appalling, incomplete, and errant list of America’s core values. “privacy, rule of law, individual rights.” No, Mr. President, these things are the RESULT of America’s core values: Liberty, justice, equal protection to name a few. “Privacy” is not a value. The U.S. has the rule of law because we VALUE justice. Individual rights are afforded by the Creator himself, they are not a “value” per se.

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What has guided the United States for more than 200 years is the will of the American people. “Elections have consequences.” American’s have spoken. The rest of the world is no longer enthralled with this President either, obviously.

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