Arrests In Ferguson As FBI Uncovers Plot Involving Pipe Bombs

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Ferguson, Missouri: Militants involved in the New Black Panther Party have been arrested and charged. Two young men, Brandon Baldwin “Muhammad” and Olajuwon Davis “Ali” have been indicted for misrepresentations made while attempting to purchase weapons at a Cabela’s in Hazelwood, near Ferguson.

The pair are also accused of attempting to acquire pipe bombs to detonate in Ferguson if the Grand Jury does not indict Officer Darren Wilson. Sources were quoted by NBC concerning surveillance by federal investigators of “Muhammad” and “Ali”, the latter of which is the chairman of the St. Louis New Black Panther Party.

According to an indictment unsealed Friday,  the purchase of the weapons related to the gun charges was made during the first two weeks of November.

Ali recently posted to Facebook: “Family and Friends, everyday I got Caucasians following me in SUV trucks,” he wrote on Wednesday. “Please be advised that if you show any signs of noncompliance with this Devil they will try to assasinate [sic] you.”

While this post may not be evidence of the crimes for which he is currently being accused, it is evidence of the hatred and racism embodied by the New Black Panther Party. No matter which segment of their agenda fails, since the inception of the “Old” Black Panther Party, the blame is clearly placed on white people and the only answer is violence.

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The New Black Panthers are among those calling for Black Friday boycotts to honor the memory of Mike Brown. Who thinks there are enough adherents to Black Panther philosophy to make any difference to any retailer on earth if they do not shop? What is the ‘protest’ or ‘honor’ one is to ascertain from this action? Is it acceptable to shop on Cyber Monday, or in places other than Ferguson? Who is actually harmed if shoppers avoid Ferguson retailers? Why is violence the answer?

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A tip for the New Black Panther Party. If you want to be taken seriously and not presumed to be a thug, then speak intelligently, state your case and peacefully assert your First Amendment rights. Behaving like a thug, lying in order to obtain weapons, calling for violence and speaking improper English merely confirm the stereotype you claim you wish to avoid. The truth is not racist.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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