This “Improvised Exploding Goat” is Every Terrorist’s Worst Nightmare

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A hilarious video created by the good folks over at Tactical Shit, reveals what would surely be a terrorist’s worst nightmare. As we’ve seen in certain disturbing surveillance footage, terrorists are not exactly picky when it comes to choosing their sexual partners. One even opted for a donkey when he thought no one was looking.

A new “ISIS decoy” purports to “use the terrorist’s favorite weapon back against them.” The IEG, or Improvised Exploding Goat, is a life-size goat decoy laced with explosives. When a terrorist approaches in hopes of getting his rocks off, you know what’s going to happen next.

The “ISIS hunter” in this video clip was kind enough to outline the proper steps for implementing your own IEG:

    1. Look for the most dilapidated area you can possibly find (it makes terrorists feel the most comfortable).
    2. Place the IEG’s “ass” into the wind.
    3. Spray your goat with the most inviting scent for terrorists: ode d’ goat’s ass.
    4. Take cover a few hundred meters away.

In no time at all, you’ll be able to witness the fatal effects of the IEG. Let us know what you think of this revolutionary new device in the comments section!

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