Michael Brown’s Family Reveals What They Plan to do to Officer Darren Wilson

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As the nation prepares for a grand jury verdict which is expected to clear officer Darren Wilson of all charges related to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old’s parents are making preparations of their own. After jet setting around the world to cavort with the United Nations and peddling merchandise emblazoned with their son’s image, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. plan to file a civil rights lawsuit against Wilson.

“We will look at all appropriate legal avenues for the family of Michael Brown to get some sense of justice,” Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump told CNN on Thursday. “Nobody’s going to say [Wilson] didn’t get his constitutional rights of innocent until proven guilty. The real issue is if he’s not even charged. Then the Brown family has no chance of getting justice for their child.”

The problem here is that the Brown family is incredibly biased and affected by a lifetime of racial divide. They cannot see clearly because they are too close to the situation. Their son was killed, and whether or not he provoked the fatal shots from Wilson by attacking him, the family wants to see the officer put away. They do not care about the circumstances surrounding the shooting at this point. If Michael Brown had pointed a gun at officer Wilson’s head, they would still want the cop arrested. It’s not about the details for these people.

What it is about, is race. Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. are products of a community which teaches disdain for white people and hatred for cops. Young children are chastised for speaking properly because their peers don’t want them “talking white.” Light-skinned black individuals are ostracized and often attacked for “not being black enough.” Under these circumstances, the idea of justice is not impartial or fair; rather, it seeks to serve a racial agenda embedded within the black community.

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