Paralyzed Marine Assaulted by Thugs, But He Gets Revenge in a Positive Way

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Randy Abbott is as Marine veteran, who after 14 years of service to our country, had a few serious injuries. During back surgery to correct one such ailment, the procedure went horribly wrong and Abbot’s spine got severed, leaving him paralyzed. But instead of moping around and feeling sorry for himself, the avid surfer started a nonprofit organization. Dubbed “The View From 42,” which is the height of Abbott’s eyes as he sits in his wheelchair, the charity teachers disabled children how to surf.

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. In July, Abbott approached his car to find two thugs cutting loose surfboards from a rack on the vehicle. “I was right there in my wheelchair,” he recalled. “I said, ‘Hey, I’m paralyzed. Don’t steal my surfboards!’ And then they came and attacked me.”

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The former sniper told the harrowing tale of the day he was brutally assaulted by the pair of thugs:

“One guy was cutting the straps and I said ‘Hey, I’m paralyzed, don’t steal my surfboards!’ And then the other guy came at me and took a swing at me, and I took a swing at him. He missed, and I connected. I caught him with a pretty good uppercut. The guy that was cutting the straps had come around behind me, and threw me out of my wheelchair, and then kicked my wheelchair and it rolled probably 50 feet down the parking lot. Then they threw my surfboards in the back of their (Toyota) 4Runner and took off.”

A post from the soldier’s Facebook page revealed more:

After hearing of the misfortune which had befallen an American hero, Abbott’s community stepped up in a big way to make things right. One of his veteran buddies donated a couple of his own boards and a GoFundMe campaign raised enough money to make many more. Now, Abbott is able continue his work with fellow disabled surfers.

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