Sean Hannity Shreds Racist Ferguson Rioter on Live TV

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Ferguson, Mo is boiling over with fear and fury as the citizens await the grand jury’s decision of whether or not police officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for shooting and killing teenager Michael Brown on August 9th, 2014.

Governor Nixon has declared a State of Emergency and the National Guard has been mobilized following threats and demands by protestors and rioters promising to shut down the city with civil disobedience, violence and targeting specific people.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity held a discussion panel on the topic of Ferguson, including guest panelist Derk Brown, the founder of the “Justice for Mike Brown” protest group.

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After discussion about Mike Brown’s behaviors and actions on the day he was shot (robbery and assault), Hannity asked if that was the type of behavior Derk Brown had ever displayed. He replied that he had not.
Then Hannity brought in the allegation that Brown had tried to take the officer’s weapon.

“And if it turns out he’s tried to get the officer’s gun? Who acts like that, if that turns out to be true? Is that behavior of somebody that you want justice for? What about justice for the officer?”

Brown responded by saying he wasn’t interested in justice for Officer Wilson.

After multiple attempts by Hannity to give Derk Brown a chance to declare that he would support Liberty and Justice for All, Brown continued to deny the outcome as justice should the grand jury determine that there is simply not enough evidence to indict the officer.

Derk Brown has donned the name of Justice where the inscription on his heart reads Vendetta. He and those in the “Justice for Mike Brown” group are substituting a cultural genocide campaign for a desperately needed investment into their own community and government.


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