Michael Brown Sr. Releases PSA as Darren Wilson Prepares to Resign

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Michael Brown Sr. has filmed a public service announcement ahead the grand jury decision which many believe will clear officer Darren Wilson of all charges in the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Jeff Roorda, business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, met with Wilson on Thursday. “It’s fair to say that neither he nor his defense team expect an indictment,” reported Roorda.

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It’s that verdict that the FBI warns “will likely” lead to violence. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has activated the National Guard and declared a state of emergency, citing the “possibility of expanded unrest.” Brown Sr. is urging protesters that “hurting others is not the answer.” Instead, he wants those who are still angry to “work together to heal and to create lasting change for all people regardless of race.” Wilson, who still remains out of public view, is negotiating the terms of his resignation from the Ferguson Police Department.

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Leaked grand jury testimony revealed officer Wilson’s account of the events which unfolded on August 9, the day Michael Brown was shot, prompting violent race riots throughout St. Louis. Wilson allegedly recounted that he saw Brown and his friend walking in the middle of a Ferguson street, and the officer realized that the 18-year-old matched the description of a suspect who had just robbed a convenience store. When Wilson stopped Brown, he reported that the teenager punched him in the face and a struggle erupted for the officer’s weapon. Wilson fired off two shots during the struggle, missing Brown with the first and hitting him in the hand with the second. When Brown tried to escape, Wilson continued to shoot, only firing off the fatal volley of shots when Brown turned and rushed towards him.

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