National Shock After This Country Star Comes Out As Gay…And He Has A Longterm Boyfriend

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Country music fans everywhere are stunned after twice-married singer Ty Herndon came out of the closet on Thursday and admitted that he has had a boyfriend for five years.

Herndon, 52, said that he got married to women and remained in the closet to protect his career in the country music industry.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight that will air this evening, reporter Nischelle Turner asked Herndon what the biggest lie he has ever told himself was.

“That I couldn’t be gay and be in country music,” he replied.

“I’ve dreamed about being in country music since I was six years old and it’s my life, it’s what I do, it’s who I am and I went to great lengths to cover up that fact to be a country star. And today I get to tell the world I am an out, proud, and happy gay man,” Herndon added.


The country music star went on to gush about his partner, “I have an awesome relationship that I’ve been in for a good number of years. I love him very much and he loves me.”

Though Herndon has been married twice before, he says that both women “absolutely” knew about his sexuality, adding that “luckily” he married “some really amazing ladies.”


“I had a lot of people around me that I trusted at a time and I was like, ‘Hey, you know this about me but the world doesn’t. So I’m gonna need to call on your services for a little while,'” Herndon explained. “It was unfortunate that I had to do that, but I felt that’s what I had to do to have my career. Standing on some pretty solid legs today, so I get to tell my truth today.”

Rumors have been floating around about Herndon’s sexuality ever since he was arrested in 1995 for exposing himself to a male undercover cop in a park. He was also found to be in possession of meth, and today claims that he was too high to even remember what happened.

“I wish I had really great recall or memory about that,” he said of the arrest. “I think I had been up for like six days doing drugs – the night and the day was really a huge blur for me.”

It remains to be seen what impact, if any, Herndon’s confession will have on his career.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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