Woman Receives Brutal Beating for Being a “White Girl in the Hood”

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According to some of society’s most ghetto offenders, it is a crime to be white in certain areas. 32-year-old Ebony Steward is one such bottom-feeder, who punched two white women all because they were walking in a predominately black neighborhood. The career criminal now faces assault charges.

Incredibly, one of the women whom Steward punched turned out to be a very light-skinned black woman, which perfectly demonstrates what an idiot the racist assailant is.

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Motivated by the fact that she “doesn’t like light-skinned people,” Steward punched her first victim as the woman exited a St. Paul nail salon on November 14th. The woman was left with swelling and bruising around her left eye, but police merely asked the hate crime enthusiast to leave the premises. Luckily for Steward, she wasn’t a white woman punching blacks.

Later the same day, the crazed racist wrestled a woman to the ground in a parking lot on University Avenue and began punching her repeatedly. The attack was unprovoked and only attributed to the fact that Steward doesn’t like it when “bitches” get in her way. The victim sustained blows to the back of the head and the neck.

When police arrived on the scene, they arrested Steward and hauled her off to the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center. During the car ride, she admitted to assaulting the woman because she was a “white girl in the hood.”

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“Get that white bitch out of my yard, out of the hood,” Steward said, before repeatedly stating that she hates white people. She continued her unbelievably racist tirade by stating that she was “helping” the woman by attacking her “because she would probably come across someone who knew how to punch better or someone who might kill her.”

Steward, who has six previous assault convictions dating back to 2005, could spend up to five years in jail for her crime.

Not surprisingly, CNN and MSNBC did not report this story. I wonder why…

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