These ‘Naughty’ Companies Are Censoring Christmas

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The American Family Association has released their Naughty-or-Nice 2014 Retailer List, which provides consumers with detailed information on the companies which do the best job promoting Christmas in a positive way. By the same token, the AFA sheds light on those retailers who censor Christmas to promote a leftist agenda.

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The color-coded list gives the highest marks to companies like Lowe’s, Sears, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart, while calling out “naughty” companies like Barnes & Noble, Family Dollar, Foot Locker, Limited Brands, Office Depot, Office Max, Pet Smart, Staples, Victoria’s Secret and Maurice’s.


The AFA based their rankings on newspaper advertisements, radio and television spots, websites and/or personal visits to each of the stores. “If a company’s ad has references to items associated with Christmas (trees, wreaths, lights, etc.), it was considered as an attempt to reach ‘Christmas’ shoppers,” states the organization’s website. “If a company has items associated with Christmas, but did not use the word ‘Christmas,’ then the company is considered as censoring ‘Christmas.’”

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As holiday shoppers prepare to drop boat loads of cash on gifts for friends and family, this list is a valuable tool for those who wish to put their money where their mouth is. If you care about Christian values, then consider spending your hard-earned money at businesses which promote Christmas instead of ignoring it.

H/T: The Blaze

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