Thug Pulls Gun On Iraqi War Veteran, Then This Happens

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When this thug decided to rob a convenience store, he didn’t count on the clerk being a U.S. military veteran who served four tours of duty in the middle east.

Jon Lewis Alexander was working behind the counter of the store when a young punk suddenly walked up and put a gun in his face. Instead of cowering in fear, the veteran stayed calm and took action.

“You need to get out of here before I blow your head off,” the 54-year-old veteran said to the wannabe robber.

Alexander quickly blocked the gun with his hand and pulled out his own gun to give the thug the surprise of his life. He said the only reason he did not fire was because the criminal’s gun was no longer pointed directly at him.

“If I had seen the actual barrel of the gun, I would have pulled the trigger,” he said. “My life wasn’t threatened.”

Thanks to this veteran’s quick thinking, the thug was apprehended and arrested by police.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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