Elderly Man Thrown Out Of Gym For Wearing This Christian T-Shirt

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Mike Amoroso was about to head to the gym earlier this week, but first he needed to get dressed.

Throwing on a T-shirt, he headed to go workout, but he was quickly asked to leave after a fellow gym-goer complained about the shirt’s message. It said “Abortion Kills A Person” in big letters, and the 70 year-old Amoroso was told not to come back wearing it again.

“She told me, ‘I am very sorry. We have someone who is not happy with your shirt. Someone is offended by your shirt,’” Amoroso said of the employee who asked him to leave. “I said, ‘You know I wear them all the time.’ She said, ‘You’ll have to leave,’ and I left.”

Not wanting to offend anyone, the elderly man came back the next day in a different shirt. This one said “Pray To End Abortion,” and it got him thrown out of the gym again.

Amoroso says that he understands why some people are offended by the T-shirts, but that he also thinks wearing the shirts is a positive thing because it starts a dialogue about abortion.

“This doesn’t deter you, even though people are offended, from wearing these?” a reporter asked him.

“No, I might wear it even more.”

What do you think of Amoroso’s T-shirts? Did he deserve to be kicked out of the gym? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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