EXCLUSIVE: Democrat’s Campaign to “Stand With Obama” Backfires in a Major Way

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Most Democratic candidates did everything in their power to distance themselves from Obama in the recent election. But not Dr. Paul Ruiz, who ran for Congress in California. Instead of ditching Obama, he based his entire campaign on standing with the President.

Ruiz campaigned hard in run-down, low-income areas, knowing that the “Stand with Obama” schtick would surely work. He was correct, but a few revealing shots taken on the campaign trail epitomize the low-information voter that elected him and exactly what happens when you do “Stand with Obama.”

Mr. Conservative took the liberty of captioning the candid photos for our readers. Enjoy!

photo-11“Stand with Obama” and he’ll campaign hard for Democrats who will strip any and all incentives to buy commercial property in your city!photo-12

Want to live next to a vacant lot where your children can play for hours in the trash-laden landscape? Then all you need to do is “Stand with Obama!”


If you “Stand with Obama,” you can be sure that he will repay you by making it impossible to own and operate your small business. Congratulations, you may not be able to make ends meet, but at least there’s a black man in the White House!


“Stand with Obama,” and you too can enjoy a lovely view of trash-filled, vacant parking lots from boarded up windows!


Does your city need more trash and fewer job? Just “Stand with Obama!”


If apocalyptic towns with no job opportunities and an abundance of transient welfare leeches are your cup of tea, then “Stand with Obama!”

These photos don’t lie. In fact, they paint a crystal clear picture of exactly what you get for standing with Obama. Share this article if you think Obama and the Democrats are running America into the ground.

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