Chilling Footage: Gang of Thugs Search for Targets Before Killing Lawyer

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Surveillance footage from an upscale New Jersey shopping mall reveals a shocking hate crime perpetrated by four black male assailants. The thugs can be seen stalking a 30-year-old white man before eventually butchering him in front of his young wife.

Last December, Dustin Friedland was out holiday shopping with his spouse, when a gang of carjackers shot him in cold blood. The horrifying incident unfolded in front of Friedland’s wife, who subsequently filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The court case has exposed questionable security measures at the mall.

The widow’s lawyer recently obtained the above footage, after a judge denied requests from the mall’s lawyers to keep it “under wraps.” It shows the black men sizing up the mall parking lot and discovering that with no security around, they can easily commit their crime. Three days later, they returned to the same spot. Friedland and his wife happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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After fatally shooting the lawyer, they quickly drove off in his white Range Rover, leaving his devastated wife to call 911 for help. The recording of her call to authorities is heartbreaking.

Though this was an incredibly tragic story, it was ignored by the mainstream media because they refuse to cover black-on-white crime, even though it is a growing problem in America. The Conservative Tribune revealed:

A white police officer in Ferguson, Mo. can justifiably shoot a black man in the line of duty, and it gets three months of continuous media coverage and White House involvement.

But four professional black killers take out a white lawyer at a mall in cold blood and nothing is said.

Where are men like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Jesse Jackson when a group of black thugs takes out an innocent white man for no reason other than greed?

Where is the national media when a chilling incident like this takes place?

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