Catholic School Tutor Caught Having Sex With 15 Year-Old Student

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The trial for the 35 year-old Catholic school tutor who was arrested for having sex with a 15 year-old boy is underway this week, and shocking new details about the case have been revealed.

The victim took the stand on Wednesday to testify that he had “a lot” of sex with tutor Abigail Simon during their three month relationship in 2013. He also denied her allegations that he “stalked, coerced and brutalized” her into having sex with him.

Simon was a tutor with the Catholic Central and West Catholic Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan before the boy’s mother found a picture of her in a garter belt on her son’s phone. She was arrested in August and charged with four counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Simon claims that she was raped and slapped around by the boy, but he vehemently denies this.

“She never said no,” he said. “I never forcibly raped her.”


The boy says that he was a virgin before he began his relationship with Simon. It started with a series of texts between the two, with the tutor saying in one of them, “I’m scared that you’re only 15.”

The boy lost his virginity to Simon at her apartment after a dinner date, and she quickly introduced him to rough sex.

“We had intercourse a lot,” the boy said in court, adding that they had sex at least every other day. The duo even had pet names for each other, with Simon calling the boy “boo.” In return, he called her “baby girl.”

Though Simon claims that the boy was intensely jealous and controlling in the relationship, he testified that it was the other way around. When he attended a party with other girls, she cut him off and refused to speak to him.

“I’m just too old, as much as it stinks,” she finally texted him.

“Please give me one more chance,” the desperate young boy replied.

When she finally let him come to her apartment, he punched a hole in the wall so hard that he injured his own hand because he felt so bad for upsetting her.


Since she faces first degree sexual assault charges, Abigail Simon could be put away for quite some time. What do you think her punishment should be? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Mail


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