Sadie Robertson’s Health Scare Could Ruin Her Chances of Winning DWTS

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Sadie Robertson shocked the country with her dancing ability on this season’s Dancing With The Stars, making it through stressful eliminations week after week and finally securing a spot in the finals. However, an issue concerning her health has just been revealed and it could mean the difference between winning and losing the reality show competition.

In his weekly blog for Hollywood Life, Sadie’s dance partner, Mark Ballas, let fans in on a detail of Monday night’s performance that was not captured by cameras. Apparently, the duckling puked backstage shortly after performing her first routine, which can be seen above. “The Quickstep went according to plan, and it felt really nice. Sadie felt really light on her feet. The Quickstep is a hard dance because it requires a lot of stamina,” revealed Ballas. “Here’s a little inside scoop for you — Sadie sometimes has an acid reflux reaction and she started puking backstage after the dance! I grabbed a bucket to help her out! How about that!?”

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Ballas added, “I was a little worried because Sadie wasn’t feeling too hot. But she changed into her next dress — the wardrobe team did such a fantastic job on both of her looks this week! — and was ready for the Argentine Tango!” You can watch Sadie’s stunning performance of that dance below.

Ballas hinted that Sadie’s final dance is going to be one to remember. “We have a really nice piece planned for Sadie’s final number, and I think people are really going to enjoy it! The music is going to start, and I think everyone is going to identify with it because it’s so iconic,” he teased. “This week’s game-plan is to not change anything up and just keep doing what we’ve been doing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We want to enjoy each other’s time and company — it’s the final week that Sadie and I will spend together in this competition, and we want to have a really good time. We’re going to bust a sweat and work hard, but we won’t lose sight of what’s important,” the DWTS veteran continued.

You can check out Ballas’ entire post here.

Hopefully, Sadie’s condition will not effect her ability to pull off a winning routine next week. Are you worried? Or do you think the Duck Dynasty star has this one in the bag? Sound off in the comments section!

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