This Conservative State Just Legalized Gay Marriage

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Despite a last minute attempt by the state Attorney General to stop them, the first gay marriage licenses were issued in South Carolina on Wednesday.

Judge Irvin Condon handed out six marriage license to gay couples in the first ninety minutes that his office was open. The licenses were given out just one week after U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel threw out the gay marriage ban after Colleen Condon and her partner Nichols Beckley sued in federal court in the hopes of getting married.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson immediately asked Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court to block same-sex marriages in South Carolina. The Supreme Court has not yet made a ruling on this case.

The conservative South Carolina has long been holding out against same-sex marriages, but when the U.S. Supreme court refused to hear an appeal against gay marriage in Virginia, it opened the door for other states to legalize gay marriage as well.

With same-sex marriage legalized in South Carolina, it’s only a matter of time before other conservative states legalize it as well…

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H/T: ABC News

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