Revealed: Photos from Ferguson Show What the Military Just Deployed to St. Louis

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Just 24 hours after Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency, the National Guard was in place. Photos taken from the ground in St. Louis show several high-tech military vehicles which the government deployed in anticipation of widespread civil unrest. Everyone is on their toes pending the grand jury decision which is expected to clear officer Darren Wilson of all charges in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

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The Conservative Tribune reported:

Witnesses saw them in the West County area of the city, as well as downtown St. Louis. The military vehicles are known as Enhanced Response Force Package vehicles and Missouri owns several of them. Ten other states also own these types of vehicles, and they correspond to the ten FEMA regions across the country. They’re primarily used for CBRNE events, which covers chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosives. Should one of those types of incidents occur, these vehicles can rapidly detect when and where it happened, and relay critical information to commanders on the ground on how to proceed, what equipment to wear, and similar intel.

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The mayor of St. Louis, Francis Slay, says that he will not be posting the Enhanced Response Force Package vehicles where peaceful protesters are gathered. Rather, he plans to utilize them in areas where violent looting and riots are expected to occur. Should local law enforcement become overtaken by the wild race rioters, the National Guard will prove an invaluable asset.

Do you think we will see an unprecedented response to the grand jury decision about to be released in Ferguson, MO? Leave your opinion below.

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