Liberal Outrage After Sadie Robertson Makes This Claim About God

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On Monday night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, Sadie Robertson was shown making some comments about God that have liberals everywhere up in arms.

In the segment before her dance, old home movies of the Duck Dynasty teen were shown as her family described the enormous amount of faith she has always had.

“She was a great kid. Always super sweet,” said her father, Willie Robertson. “She used to do these little sermons up on top of the coffee table. And so she’d get up and preach to us.”

A clip was then shown of 5 year-old Sadie giving one of these sermons and saying “the most important thing in my heart is God.”

Sadie’s grandmother, Mama Kay Robertson, said that the 17 year-old has “always loved God” and has never been afraid to talk about it.

Sadie certainly isn’t afraid to talk about it! Now, she has expressed her love for the lord in front of millions of people, and even though some atheist liberals aren’t happy about it, Sadie has undoubtedly earned the respect of millions of Christians.

Tune in Monday night to see if Sadie and her faith can win the coveted Dancing With The Stars trophy!

What do you think of Sadie’s segment about God? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: The Blaze

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