This Country Announces They’re Banning Certain Islamic Books And Searching All Veiled Women

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Muslims everywhere are outraged by Russia’s latest policy…

Russian President Vlademir Putin is taking a stance against radical Islam with a new law that will ban certain Muslim texts and will allow police to search Muslims wearing burqas.

The law, which will fully go into effect in 2015, is mainly being enforced in the province of Crimea.

“This shows that Russian police do not trust headscarfed women and see them as a separate group in the general public,” Eider Ismailov, the assistant mufti of Crimea said. “This is nothing but an insult against our beliefs as Muslims.”

Russian policymakers argue that women wearing veils pose a security risk, as they could be carrying weapons of any kind underneath.

Russia has suffered numerous terrorist attacks at the hands of radical Muslims. While their decision to ban books may seem controversial, they have no laws protecting free speech.

In the mind of Putin, anything goes when dealing with radical Islamists.

What do you think of Putin’s new law? Do you think the U.S. should implement a similar policy? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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