Shell Disrespects Veteran, His Family & Dog, Good Samaritan Responds in an Epic Way

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Summer Hutchison stopped at the Shell gas station in Daleville, Indiana with her children and what she witnessed has subsequently gone viral online. In the bone-chilling cold, a homeless veteran and his wife sat on the concrete outside of the station, sipping on coffee they had just scraped pennies together to purchase. This scene was tragic enough, but what happened next will make your blood boil.

Employees of the Shell station began mocking the couple before the manager stepped outside to “shoo” them from the premises. There was no reason for such harsh treatment; the pair were not causing a scene, in fact they were paying customers.

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Hutchison then watched as the 25-year-old, his young wife and their dog walked to the side of the freeway to try to hitch a ride. She was good enough to pick them up and drive them to shelter, which she generously paid for. “I picked them up and asked them where they needed to go,” she explained via her Facebook page. She continued:

“His brother has a job for him in michigan…they lost their home in new York and this was their last resort. So I asked there anything you need…and the wife only asked for feminine products and to use a restroom. was heart breaking. I drove them to Fort Wayne from and my 4 kids took them in the store to get her what she needed and got them groceries to help them along the way..then we stopped at my house to get dog food, dog worming medicine and 2 months of heart guard..and a light up leash for them to help people see them on the road. When we got to Fort Wayne they were going to sleep under the ramp and I couldn’t let them. I got them a hotel room to shower and stay warm for the night and left them with my number and name.”

Even after all this, Hutchison returned to the Shell station where she and her children had started their evening. She confronted the manager who had shown no mercy to the soldier. She recorded the confrontation and posted it to social media. You can view it below.

It’s bad enough that a man who risked life and limb for our country does not even have a home to hang his hat in. The fact that he was treated so cruelly on top of it is downright infuriating. Thank God for American patriots like Summer Hutchison who are willing to go the extra mile to do the right thing. Let us know how you think these Shell gas station employees should be dealt with in the comments section.

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