Freeloaders Invade Soldier’s Home And Refuse To Leave, Until Veterans Do This

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These freeloaders sure picked the wrong home to squat in…

Army Specialist Michael Sharkey and his wife haven’t lived in their Florida home for two years, as they are stationed abroad. The couple was recently shocked to find out that in their absence, their home has been invaded by freeloading squatters, who are now refusing to leave.

Julio Ortiz and his girlfriend Fatima Cardoso moved into the home and changed the locks, saying they had a “verbal agreement” with the person watching the home.

The Sharkeys tried to evict the freeloaders in court, but the judge ruled against them, saying that Ortiz had already established residency.

Ortiz himself has already had a lot of experience in court. He has previously been convicted of robbery, carjacking, and drug dealing.

The situation looked grim for the Sharkeys: until some military veterans stepped in. A veteran lawyer has now volunteered to represent the Sharkeys pro bono, and a biker gang partially made up of veterans has promised that they will “peacefully make the squatters uncomfortable” by riding up to the residence this week.

It looks like Julio and Fatima are about to learn the hard way that it is NEVER a good idea to mess with a veteran!

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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