Muslims Outraged After Congressman Takes On Islam On House Floor

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Christians everywhere were outraged last week when five Muslim groups, including the terrorist front-group The Muslim Brotherhood, hosted Muslim prayers at the National Cathedral.

The next day, Texas congressman Louie Gohmert took to the House floor to explain just how bad it was that Muslims took over the National Cathedral on that particular day.

“100 years ago today, the last Caliph, or emperor of Islam, declared the last Jihad against the infidel– and today is the first time ever that the National Cathedral in the nation’s capital will host Muslim prayers,” Gohmert told congress.

Gohmert was referring to the last Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire, whose 1914 declaration led to the genocide of millions of Armenian Christians. The Texas politician explained that the Muslim groups were surely aware of this date:

“Both CAIR and ISNA will be fully aware of the significance of November 14th, seeing as both organizations were declared by a federal court to be unindicted co-conspirators of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood terror group, in the largest terrorist financing trial in US history.”

“Those Muslims who have a supremacist understanding of their religion, such as members of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood – which was recently declared an illegal terrorist organization in the country of its founding, Egypt – have a special regard for historic dates and anniversaries.”

Many have noted that the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place on the anniversary of the date in 1683 when Islamic forces were defeated outside of Vienna. This would mark the closest the Islamic State would ever come to taking over the Christian west.

Gohmert continued:

“There is nothing inherently wrong about interfaith initiatives as long as they start from the same place: a mutual respect for the belief system of the other, and their inherent dignity as humans created by God. When one party acts in bad faith based upon its ideological commitment to see other faiths destroyed or subjected, then the event runs the risk of becoming a propaganda coup for the extremists and their followers.”

“The fact that this event is occurring just as ancient Christian communities are being destroyed in the Middle East and “non-believers” are being actually crucified by ISIS jihadists makes it all the more egregious.”

“We know that the Episcopal church is in trouble with more conservative believers leaving in great numbers and the remaining adherents not exactly outdoing their Catholic cousins in terms of reproducing the next generation of believers. But I doubt they also understand the finer points of jihadist doctrine, one of which is that if a place of worship is used by Muslims for their prayers, that territory subsequently becomes part of Dar al Islam, sacred Muslim land. Forever.”

Muslims everywhere are crying racism at Gohmert’s speech, but the Texas politician is standing by his words.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune


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