Anonymous Hackers ‘De-Hood’ KKK Members, Reveal Identities

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The hacktivist group Anonymous has launched a cyber war on the Ku Klux Klan, which they have labeled #OpKKK.

Spurred by the death of Michael Brown and subsequent race riots, the KKK has been distributing fliers in the greater St. Louis area. In response, Anonymous vowed to expose all members of the organization from Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri.

According to Anonymous’ website, the fliers warn Ferguson protesters that there will be consequences for continuing their fight, stating they have “awakened a sleeping giant,” and that the KKK will use “lethal force” against protestors if they continue. The fliers handed out justify the lethal force as a form of “self-defense.”

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Anonymous released the following list of the names of KKK members:

John Michael

Heather Michell Michael

Terry Aaron

Daniel E. Zimmerman

Eric Bohanan

Justin T. King (Police Member)

Gary Burnette (Military Veteran)

Dawn Goddard (Education Co-Ordinator)

Chad Burris

Dale Newton

Stephen Joseph Henson

Justin Daniel

Keith Biskup

Ryan Biskup

Mike Stag

Dennis Korn

Tasha George

Frank Acona

Malissa Acona

Michelle Acona

Richard Akia Nichols

David Borst (Former Deputy Police Chief)

George Hunnewell (Former Deputy Police Chief)

The hacktivist group also launched a social media campaign to expose the faces associated with this list of names, which you can see here. They say ominously, “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Ku Klux Klan you should Expect Us.”

The KKK members are not happy that they have been ‘de-hooded,’ and have made threats over social media to get back at [email protected] stated, “You messed with us, now it’s our turn to mess with you.” Anonymous has also vowed to “disrupt” the Klan’s websites.

Just what the American heartland needs, more people at each others’ throats…

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