O’Reilly Hangs Up on ESPN Radio Host for Asking This Embarrassing Question

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Bill O’Reilly was on Dan Le Batard’s ESPN radio show Monday to promote his newest book, but the interview didn’t end well. The men discussed some interesting background on the Fox News host, like the fact that he grew up with Billy Joel and was quite the athlete before becoming a teacher and then a journalist. But Le Batard wasn’t content to just let O’Reilly spout off about his many accomplishments.

The radio host pressed O’Reilly to reveal the incident during his career which has caused him the most “unrest,” clearly knowing what the answer would be. “I’m not going to get into any of that stuff,” O’Reilly said defiantly, adding that if they did not have another legitimate question for him, he would “say goodbye.”

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“Wait a minute, what do you mean you’re not going to get into any of that stuff?” Le Batard asked. “I don’t understand!” O’Reilly then graciously thanked his interviewers and promptly hung up the phone. At that point, Le Batard played the very embarrassing audio from O’Reilly’s infamous “Do it live!” outburst. In case you’re unfamiliar with the recording, the news anchor was caught freaking out and cussing at production staff when he thought he was off camera on Inside Edition many years ago.

“There’s no way he’s still there, right? He’s gone? He left?” Le Batard asked. “Oh, I wanted his reaction to that so bad.” Do you think this was a nasty joke, or should O’Reilly have confronted demons from his past openly and honestly? Leave your opinion below.

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