Disturbing New Map Shows Whites Will Be Minority In US By 2050

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Studies have come to the shocking conclusion that whites will be a minority race in the U.S. by 2050.

Demographer William Frey came to this conclusion because the birth rate among whites is steadily falling, while the birthrates among immigrants and minorities is increasing enormously.


In his new book Diversity Explosion, Frey says this baby boom among blacks, hispanics and asians will increase due to the immigrants who are already here. Therefore, there is nothing we can do to stop it.


According to the Census Bureau, there are already nearly as many white babies being born in the U.S. as non-white babies.

Frey compares the baby boom to the one that happened after World War II, only this time it will be among minorities.



If these statistics are right, it looks like our nation’s children will live to see a much different America than the one we live in today…

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H/T: Daily Mail

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