Obama on Mount Rushmore?

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After an embarrassing shellacking in the midterm elections, Obama’s aides are tirelessly trying to ensure that his legacy remains intact. According to one of his most enthusiastic supports, the 44th President of the United States deserves a spot next to Washington and Lincoln on Mount Rushmore. If you ask Jim Messina, there is “no question” that Obama is “one of the all-time great presidents.” Riiiiiight…

Messina believes Obama’s ugly mug should be carved in stone because he “walked into the toughest economic situation in several generations. Made tough choices to fix it, took on a incredibly unpopular and difficult fight on healthcare, put all of his political chips on the line, passed it, continued to go on, and have a successful presidency.”

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The assessment that Obama did what needed to be done to “fix” the economy is laughable. But I suppose coming from a professional spin doctor it’s not a surprising statement, though nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, there was a very good reason Obamacare was so unpopular; namely, it is the most detrimental piece of legislation in history, passed only thanks to a complete lack of transparency and numerous lies from Obama.

Jim Messina is an utter buffoon. Let us know what you think of his opinion that Obama should be on Mount Rushmore in the comments section.

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