Another Surprising Politician Announces Prez Run

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Jerry Brown, the Democratic Governor of California, is reportedly planning a 2016 campaign for the presidency. Reelected earlier this month, Brown claims this will be his last term, though he is still asking his contributors to keep the money coming. He will meet with political donors on Monday.

Though Brown had said he will not run for President, he retained $20 million in funding in his race against Neel Kashkari. Though millions were still in his reelection account as of mid-October, the Governor of California is asking for more money. Brown has spent little of that $20 million since last month, and claims that he may spend it promoting certain ballot measures during his new term. Brown’s campaign dropped $3.3 million to support Propositions 1 and 2.

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Even with so much money in the bank, the staunch Democrat is asking for donations of $5,000 for a “private reception and sit down conversation” at Mulvaney’s B&L. Breitbart reported that Capitol Advocacy, a top lobbying firm, plans to attend. The firm will also bring some of its major clients, including PepsiCo, Corrections Corporation of America, T-Mobile USA Inc., WellCare Health Plans, Pacific Compensation Insurance Co., and Diageo.

Brown has been the guiding force of Democrats who have completely run California into the ground. It’s safe to say he would do the same to the country on an even greater scale if elected President. After Obama has wreaked havoc on the United States over his two terms in office, it will take one heck of a leader to turn things around. Lets hope Jerry Brown doesn’t actually get a shot at the White House.

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