Revealed: ISIS Executioners in Sickening Beheading Video Identified


November 17, 2014 11:55am PST

Two Frenchman and a German have been identified in the gruesome beheading footage released by the Islamic State on Sunday, revealing that ISIS recruits have hailed from all over Europe. The video shows a long line of 16 militants following Jihadi John in the beheading of Syrian soldiers whom they had captured.

France’s intelligence service said on Monday that one of the men in the video is Abou Abdallah Al Faransi, a 22-year-old from Normandy. Born Maxime Hauchard, the Muslim convert was interviewed by French news channel BFM TV in July. He told the cameras he wished to wage jihad in Syria and it looks like he has done so.

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Jean-Charles Brisard, a terrorism expert, told BFM TV today:

“We are almost certain that this is Maximus, a young resident of the Eure, who calls himself Abou Abdallah Al Faransi. We’ve had it confirmed from his fellow combatants in Syria, but also several of his relatives have recognised him. This was after becoming the victim of propaganda on the internet. It was a slow process he went through. This indicates that someone is extremely radicalised. He has strong convictions.”

Hauchard was raised in a Christian home, but was persuaded by propaganda and converted to radical Islam at the age of 17. He later travelled to Syria on his own by way of Turkey. Eventually ending up in Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold, the young terrorist became involved in a special mission in which he is prepared to die. A friend from his village in Eure said:

“Maxime drank, he went partying, and was always with his friends. Everything seemed normal. But Maxime puts his all into everything. He fell for Islam completely. Everyone has a right to their own religion, this isn’t the problem, but being an extremist is.”

There have been claims of a second Frenchmen in the most recent ISIS video, but no names have been released yet. “Effectively two Frenchmen have been cited, but I don’t know about the second one personally. There’s a very strong presumption that there’s one, or two French,” remarked Brisard. MailOnline reported that French citizens make up the largest contingent of European jihadi fighters who have joined extremists in Syria and Iraq. According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, about 1,100 people have been placed under surveillance and 95 people face charges.

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