Veteran Catches Thug Invading His Home, Then He Does This

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This idiot thug sure picked the wrong house to rob…

When a veteran paratrooper checked the security cameras at his home on the night of Veteran’s Day, he was shocked by what he saw: a thug breaking into his home and staying there all night as he got high.

Luckily, the veteran and his girlfriend were not home at the time, but he figured the young punk would be back. The former paratrooper keeps some expensive camera gear in the area of the home where the thug spend most of his time that evening, and he figured the heathen would come back for it.

The veteran turned out to be very right. Just days later, the wannabe robber returned to his home, but this time the paratrooper was ready for him.

Watch as the thug approaches the front door only to be confronted by the angry veteran. The former military man dragged the punk off his porch, just so he could get their encounter on camera. Then, the veteran went to work on the young man.

In the end, the former paratrooper gave the young thug a beating that he will never forget!

Do you think this punk got what he deserved? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Liveleak

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