Newly Surfaced Video Shows Darren Wilson Violating Citizen’s Rights By Arresting Him For This

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Ferguson protesters are over the moon after a video from October 2013 was released that appears to show Officer Darren Wilson violating an innocent citizen’s rights.

The 15-second video shows Wilson threaten to arrest a man if he does not stop filming him.

The clip begins with cameraman Mike Arman, 30, asking Wilson what his name is, a question which causes the police officer to lose his temper.

“If you wanna take a picture of me one more time, I’m going to lock your a– up,” Wilson yells back.

Arman replies that he is actually filming him instead of taking a picture. Hearing this, Wilson quickly walks towards him. Arman then asks if he has a right to record, to which Wilson replies, “no, come on.”

The video then comes to a shaky end, as it is implied that Wilson shut off the camera. According to the description of the video, Wilson ended up arresting Arman for failure to comply, but the charges were later dropped.

Now, Arman is claiming that Wilson violated his first amendment rights, arrested him unlawfully, and lied in his police report.

In the police report, Wilson wrote that he came to Arman’s home to investigate the multiple derelict vehicles on the property. The officer claimed that he told Arman that only a voice recording of their encounter would be acceptable, but Arman says that this happened after he was already arrested.

Arman says that all charges against him were dropped after he told his lawyer that he had a recording of the incident.

This video was released at a very bad time for Officer Wilson. The grand jury is expected to release their decision on whether or not to charge him any day now, and footage like this will only fuel the Ferguson rioter’s hatred of him.

What do you think of this video? Does it change the way you think about Darren Wilson at all? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: New York Daily News


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