Protestors In Ferguson Carry Coffins During “Die In”

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Sunday, November 16, St. Louis, Missouri: While most of the United States is suffering from Ferguson Fatigue Syndrome, some in the St. Louis area were braving the first winter storm of the season to have a fake funeral. Carrying coffins and flowers near Washington University, these protestors managed to avoid violence and merely stopped traffic for a short time to make their feelings about Mike Brown’s death known. Again.


Reports of “a couple hundred” protestors in the streets, playing dead and drawing chalk outlines as a wet snow flurried down seem to indicate that a number of groups are on “Wilson watch” awaiting the Grand Jury’s decision concerning Darren Wilson. Wilson, of course, is the police officer who was involved in the shooting that resulted in Michael Brown’s death. Michael Brown, of course, is the 18 year old thief who lost his life August 9, 2014 during a police involved shooting.

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Amid chants of  “this is what democracy looks like, we shut s#it down”, protestors temporarily shut down traffic at two different intersections momentarily.

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While this group was organized by leaders who obviously do not want violence, even those who are more rational are not completely disavowing violence. One organizer even said, “looting and violence are necessary.” Really?

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Here’s what most American citizens think is necessary. 1-Innocent until proven guilty. Threatening violence if you don’t get the “justice” you personally define is not democracy, it is thuggery. 2-Democracy absolutely does not involve shutting s#it down. Democracy looks like changing the system through elected leaders and influencing said leaders to see your perspective. Our founders intentionally made democracy a slow moving, deliberate vehicle. Mobs and violence are impatient, immature reactions to not getting one’s way. Democracy is actually about starting things up.  3-If you want to change the world, do something that stops traffic without a mob. Cardboard coffins and chalk outlines, while clever, are not going to get the attention of those with the power to effect change.

Your avoidance of violence Sunday, however, is noted and appreciated.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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