Ben Carson: Gays Can Do Whatever They Want To, Just Not Re-define Marriage

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Common sense and speaking truthfully are beyond rare today. Dr. Ben Carson, potential candidate for President in 2016, offers his perspective on gay marriage while doing both. He stopped short of saying gay marriage was a civil right, but he also said “I don’t have the right to impose my view on two consenting adults.”

He quotes a prominent member of the gay community in a story he relates. Carson asked this individual what an acceptable position would be for someone who believes in traditional marriage. Disappointed, he relates the LGBT community leader said, “there is no other position. You must accept gay marriage.” The world famous neurosurgeon explained that statement sounded a lot like intolerance.

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Offering that his position is “libertarian” on the issue, he says that marriage is between a man and a woman, but gays are free to form other relationships and have them recognized. “They just don’t get to redefine it for everyone else.”

In rationally relaying what many conservatives and Evangelical Christians think about the issue, Carson has surely created further demands from the populous that he run in 2016. When pressed for an answer about his candidacy, Dr. Carson said, “I am a surgeon…” and indicated he was giving a Presidential run serious consideration.

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A further conservative/libertarian argument begins with the question, “Why is the government involved in marriage in the first place?” Most advocates of traditionally defined marriage perceive the institution to be a religious covenant, not a legal contract. Why can’t an adult make anyone a beneficiary for anything? Again, not a matter for the government. Why can a living will, insurance, and child custody be arranged by consenting adults without government intervention? These are the “rights” the LGBT community says are currently unequal for them. Removing government from those matters is a far better solution than re-defining an institution known to exist “traditionally” for thousands of years. “Live and let live” as Dr. Carson said.

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