Wilson’s Return To Force “Immediate” If He Is Not Indicted

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Ferguson, MO: Adding fuel to the perpetual, oft reported “fire” that has simply become known as “Ferguson”, Chief Jackson of the police department there has stated publicly that if Darren Wilson is not indicted he will return “immediately” to the Ferguson police force.

As nearly everyone in the free world is aware, Darren Wilson is the officer involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson in August of this year. Since that time, the officer has been on paid leave.

Though his job duties are  “not yet determined” the chief has also stated that should the grand jury charge Wilson, he would “most likely” be terminated. Adding, “if it is a felony.”

A three year veteran of the police force, 28-year-old Wilson is in the infancy of his career. He has not spoken publicly since the shooting and his desire to return to the Ferguson PD is unknown. Common sense would dictate that should Wilson return, he would certainly be relegated to a desk job until threats against him have subsided.

Rioters continue to threaten violence toward the police officers of Ferguson as well as Grand Jury members, and others they hold responsible for the death of Mike Brown. Predictions of a decision by the Grand Jury have been weighing on the St. Louis suburb since the last week of October. If twitter is any indication, a mob stands ready to bring  riots  down on the town again at any moment.

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For nearly three months, the Grand Jury has been hearing the details of the shooting. Prosecutors are presenting  Brown as an unarmed 18-year-old gunned down in the middle of the street. The defense, however, sites several witnesses who claim Brown rushed the officer and possibly even reached for Wilson’s  gun. What is known is that Brown was caught on video stealing from a convenience store earlier on the evening of August 9.

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H/T: Yahoo News

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