Liberal Chicago Lawyer Warns Obama’s Immigration Overreach Unprecedented

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In a refreshing, uncharacteristic bout of honesty, one of the opponents of George W. Bush’s executive orders has been arguing against Obama’s for over a year. Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting this?

Jonathan Turley has enormous commonality with the current POTUS. He is liberal, from Chicago, and a Constitutional attorney. He is also testifying before Congress about the dangers of Executive overreach, particularly as it applies to immigration.

Far from being a typical, march in lockstep, Democrat, Turley’s analysis of Executive orders is specifically focused on the Constitution. His assessment that this President  is behaving “dangerously” is not only accurate, but also consistent with his previous assertion that such orders are to be limited.

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He tells Megyn Kelly, ” The Supreme Court has already ruled that this President has violated the separation of powers.” He states that Obama’s proposed immigration policy is an attempt to take on the powers of “all three branches” of our government.

Frustration with his policies not being slammed down the throat of the American people as with Obamacare, this President is avoiding the democratic process like a spoiled child. Remember when he said, “elections have consequences?” Back at you, Obama.

Kelly offers, “this isn’t about how you feel…this is about what a President gets to do when Congress says ‘no’…” What Turley calls “uber-Presidency”, the “go it alone” Executive, is something he said the framers foresaw and intended to prevent. Checks and balances are important.

When asked, “what should the Republicans…do?” Turley advised against impeachment and admitted that denying funding to the President may not be effective. Practically speaking, Turley says, “they have to use every resource available.” But solely using the power of the purse? He said, “it’s like controlling a nuclear reactor with an on/off switch.”

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Many Presidents have issued executive orders, even about immigration. Turley stated about this case, however,  “oh, this would be unprecedented.”  Hasn’t Obama’s entire Presidency and the obnoxious, conceited manner in which he thumbs his nose at the will of the American people been unprecedented? Historical Presidency indeed.

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