Bill Maher Calls THIS Religion A 19th Century Sex Cult

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BAD LANGUAGE ALERT. Bill Maher, HBO host and avowed atheist, has found a new foe in the LDS church. Commonly referred to as Mormons, this is the church of Mitt Romney, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and American Idol David Archuleta. Polygamy has always been part of the church’s past, but until recently, no one in the church spoke openly about Joseph Smith, the founder, and his multiple wives.

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As many as 40 women are reported recently to have become the bride of the first Mormon, hence the “sex cult” reference. The beef Bill Maher has with this is that the church addressed the matter in a “newsy” article on the web without telling anyone it was going to be posted. Well, that and the fact that Mormon’s believe “crazy” things…just like every other faith, according to Maher.

While there are certainly those in the press, religion, and even within Christianity who openly mock or seek to offend Mormons, they are definitely not being singled out by Maher. Although, he does state that if the Mormons didn’t exist, religious people would have to “make them up” to have someone to “look down on”. That’s pretty offensive.

Maher is actually more than an atheist, he is rather an evangelist for his own understanding of the universe and anyone who disagrees with him is intellectually inferior in his mind. This type of atheist is becoming more common in the U.S. today and threatens religious freedom. Those who embrace the Maher mentality think the Constitution guarantees freedom from religion, rather than freedom of it.

Maher does break with his rabid assault on believers, Mormon and otherwise, to give LDS members a little credit. He acknowledged the recent hault of Mormon missions to the Middle East saying the LDS church has decided “you people can believe whatever the f**k you want.”

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Comedic or not, Maher is at least universally offensive and will take a jab at every religion equally. He is a rare leftist in Hollywood who acknowledges the dangers of ISIS and people so obsessed with their own beliefs that killing for their faith is just as good as dieing for it.

H/T: Mediaite

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