Whoopie Goldberg: It’s OK For Men “To Slap The Sh*t” Out Of Women

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This week The View showed a clip of an incident on the New York subway where three women were heckling a group of men that boiled from verbal attacks to physical blows, to which the struck man responded by slapping his female assailant. This subsequently set a brawl ablaze in the subway car. And true to their insane Feminazi logic, the ladies of The View condone the brutal slap by the man by stating that “she needed to get slapped”. Goldberg commented to the applause of the audience:

“If you slap anybody — but particularly women — if you slap, put your hands on somebody, you cannot be guaranteed that he’s not going to slap the (blank) out of you. I know a lot of people feel like, ‘oh, no, a man should never hit a woman.’ This is why you have to get checked.”

I would be shocked if any of these ladies could back up that statement.


Get checked? It’s sad enough that there are people like the young woman in the video that instigate situations, but to use your influence on the masses to suggest that it’s okay to hit back is both arrogant and foolish.

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Rosie Perez further perpetuates the shame of the situation by calling women to “wake up” to the fact that they might get slapped back.

But in court, the law proved that the choice to walk away was the right one when all four participants in the brawl faced a charge of either felony assault or misdemeanor assault.

Flushing your own ethics and moral compass down the same toilet as your attacker is not something to tack on to a clip as though you were spouting Aesop’s Fables for the new generation.

(h/t: Mediaite.com)

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