Business Owner Who Bashes Veterans Gets What’s Coming to Him

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Michael Schuette, a small business owner, decided to post a hate-filled rant on Facebook for Veterans Day, which came back to bite him in the butt big time. As is turns out, the vast majority or Americans adamantly support our troops and will not frequent businesses who don’t. This belittling post from Schuette went viral:


Schuette clearly takes his freedom of speech for granted. If not for the men and women he refuses to acknowledge as heroes, he would not have the opportunity to speak his abominable opinions so freely. Ironically, Schuette is the co-owner of Outlaw Gun Repair and Hydrographing, a company that buys, sells, and trades firearms. Normally, Second Amendment supporters are incredibly respectful of our troops, but he is an anomaly.

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Schuette’s social media outburst fueled an onslaught of angry commenters, furious that he would have the audacity to bash soldiers on Veterans Day. Patrons threatened to boycott the business he co-owns with his wife, forcing him to step down from his position in the company.


Apparently, Schuette even received death threats over his distasteful comments.


Let us know what you think of Schuette’s anti-veteran attitude in the comments section.

H/T: Universal Free Press

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