Pornography Files Now Play Key Role in Jodi Arias Trial

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As soon as defense attorneys for Jodi Arias became aware that thousands of pornography files had been deleted from victim Travis Alexander’s computer, the sentencing retrial for the convicted murderess was sent into a tail spin. Now, those files could mean life or death for Arias and prison time for the culprit who deleted them.

In an attempt to distance himself from allegations of misconduct, prosecutor Juan Martinez has laid the blame on Maria Schafer, Arias’ former attorney. “To me, it came out of left field,” Schafer said in response to Martinez’s accusations. “It was physically impossible for us to have altered or deleted or in any way tampered with the evidence. At all times, either Mr. Martinez or Detective Flores were in the room while we were looking at the evidence in this case.”

The pornographic evidence was destroyed while Alexander’s laptop was in the possession of the Mesa Police Department, specifically the care of Detective Flores, who could be facing serious charges as a result. The explicit files, some containing images of young boys, would have been incredibly damaging to the victim’s character during Arias’ first trial.

Evidence of further foul play has been revealed via the time stamps on the files. Apparently, Alexander’s laptop was used to access pornography sites a week after his death, when the computer was in police custody. This raises the question of who visited the lurid sites, but also might explain why the evidence was deleted. If police department personnel were using Alexander’s computer to watch porn, they would have also likely covered their tracks by attempting to wipe the laptop clean afterwards.

Whatever the cause of the missing evidence, Arias’ defense attorneys have moved to have her previous conviction thrown out because of it. As the saga of her trial continues to unfold, we will keep you updated on new developments.

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H/T: USA Today

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