Obama Appointed Supreme Court Justice Deals Fatal Blow to Obamacare

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Chief Justice Roberts understands the importance of the Supreme Court of the United States being above politics. He and his colleagues will be hearing King v. Burwell and reviewing a key controversial component of the Affordable Care Act which could spell its undoing entirely.

IJ Review explained the integral decision the Justices will be making:

This case does not pose a novel or complex legal question; it came to the court because of inconsistent holdings by lower courts. The issue to be decided in King is whether the Court can edit the language of a law duly passed by the then Democratically controlled Congress, or if the Court must show deference to the law as passed and signed by the President. If the Court chooses to change the language of laws passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, it would in effect be legislating and encroaching on powers bestowed solely to Congress.

We will be watching this Supreme Court case very closely, as it could be the most important in the last decade. Do you think this Obama appointed judge will put the nail in the coffin of his signature legislation? Give us your take in the comments section.

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