Obama Giving African Countries $3 Billion for This

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The White House announced on Friday that the Obama Administration will pledge $3 billion to help poor countries fight the effects of global warming. The news comes amid the President’s Asia trip. Essentially, Obama has decided to give billions of dollars which we don’t have to a cause which doesn’t exist.

The money will go towards the Green Climate Fund, in hopes that it might give momentum to the international climate change agreement Obama intends to reach next year. In a nutshell, more of our hard-earned tax dollars are being frivolously spent by Obama on his leftist agenda.

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“It is in our national interest to help vulnerable countries to build resilience to climate change,” the White House claimed. “More resilient communities are less likely to descend into instability or conflict in the aftermath of extreme climate events, needing more costly interventions to restore stability and rebuild. Building resilience also helps safeguard our investments in many areas, including food security, health, education and economic growth.”

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