Eric Holder Teams Up With Schools to Implement Punishments for White Students

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As we count down the days until Attorney General Eric Holder no longer heads up the Department of Justice, he seems to be doing as much damage as possible in the time he has left. His latest move is arguably the most racist thing he has done in his entire career, which is saying quite a lot.

Holder is moving to unfairly punish white students, and ease up on the rules for black students in public schools, because minority students are suspended more frequently, according to studies performed by the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights. This is his plan to close the gap between minority and caucasian suspension rates, and he has enlisted the help of Minneapolis public schools to do so.

Starting on Monday, when a white child breaks the rules, they will immediately be suspended. However, if a black student exhibits the exact same behavior, that child’s case will be sent to the superintendent’s review board, who will personally poor over all of the evidence available and decide whether or not to punish the child. This, Holder believes, will lead to less suspensions of black students. He is correct.

What Holder and the public education system to not account for is that this new system will not stop black children from acting out; rather, it will encourage them to do so. While fewer will get suspended, they will not stop behaving in a manner which is punishable. Without immediate consequences, we will only see negative effects from this new policy.

The new suspension program also ignores an important statistic: minority students make up almost two-thirds of children within the Minneapolis public school system. Clearly, it makes sense that more black students would be suspended when there are more of them to begin with. The Conservative Tribune pointed out that Holder’s new plan is “blatant racism, and avoids asking the hard question of “why” black students are punished more than white students.”

Let us know what you think of Eric Holder’s racially-biased policy in the comments section.

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