Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals Terrifying Reason She Was Absent From Fox News

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Fox News would not divulge the reason for Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s month-long absence from the program, but we now know that it was due to a cancer scare. Upon the 37-year-old’s return on Friday, she revealed that doctors found a tumor on her abdomen which they implored her to have removed immediately. She went in for surgery and then had to wait an entire agonizing week for the results of a biopsy, which thankfully, were negative.

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Though doctors have now given her a clean bill of health, the entire ordeal was quite nerve-racking for the mother-of-three and her family. After undergoing surgery on October 15, Hasselbeck’s unplanned leave was announced by her colleagues the next day. Kimberly Guilfoyle stepped in to replace her on Fox & Friends over the coming weeks.

On Friday, Hasselbeck told viewers while gripping the hand of her co-host:

“We had real serious talks at home and honest ones with the kids. So many people I know have stared down the barrel of that cancer gun, and looked at it when they have gotten bad news… and done remarkable things, courageously to fight it. So I knew if I got that kind of news I would be in their wings and, by their example, able to fight it. I didn’t get that message from my doctors. I got a clear and clean bill of health and I’m thankful. I could not be more thankful for my family and my friends who’ve stuck by me with incredible support. This entire Fox family treated me like family the entire way. I’m certainly not a person who takes a lot for granted, but I certainly don’t take it for granted now.”

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After the emotional admission, Hasselbeck and her co-hosts celebrated her momentous return with a cake from Cake Boss Buddy Valastro.

The former View co-host has been married to former NFL player Tim Hasselbeck since 2002. The couple have three children: daughter Grace, 9, and sons Taylor, 6, and Isaiah, 5. Show this courageous family your support in the comments section!

H/T: MailOnline

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