Tim Allen Slams Obama, Liberals on National TV

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As Obama’s presidency continues to be marked by one dismal failure after another, an increasing number of film industry favorites are coming out of the woodwork to voice their opposition of this administration and its tyrannical leader. The latest in a slew of famous actors to denounce the President is Tim Allen, of Home Improvement fame.

Allen is particularly angry over the Benghazi scandal, as are countless American patriots who will never forget that Obama’s inaction led to the gruesome death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. According to TPNN, Allen’s latest TV series, Last Man Standing, takes frequent jabs at the left. On Friday’s finale, one scene in particular surrounds the conservative theme of personal responsibility. “It’s called integrity,” Allen’s character can be seen saying. “Something Obama doesn’t have with that Benghazi thing.”

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The actor didn’t stop there, though. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug the show’s season finale, and slammed Democrats nationwide in the process. Crouched next to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Alan said, “You can sleep anywhere in Los Angeles. Because we’re kind of a socialist state, if you sleep on the street out here and you stay long enough, they start giving you free stuff. You get a cellphone, Birkenstocks, cargo shorts, and if you stay long enough, you get a free Tesla.”

Boom! The audience laughed their heads off at Alan’s joke, proving that there are many Californians who are also fed up with the leftist agenda, which has wreaked havoc on the state’s economy. Show Tim Allen your support in the comments section. America would be a better place if more celebrities took his lead.

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