Whoopi Goldberg Insults Christians Around The Nation

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As we all know, Whoopi Goldberg is a liberal whacko who has no respect for Christianity or it’s traditions.

Whoopi is proving this once again with her new book which is due out next year. The book is described as a “provocative” take on the downsides of marriage, and will encourage her readers not to embark on the practice.

A three time divorcee from three very brief marriage, Whoopi thinks she is now an expert on the evils of marriage, and she wants to share her knowledge with the world! She also fancies herself as something of a wise woman, and believes she has seen enough bad marriages in her lifetime to see why they are bad.

“I get to hear from a lot of different people about relationships and this got me trying to figure out why the divorce rate is SO high,” Whoopi said in a statement.

“It’s hard to really know the other person’s agenda, but if someone says, ‘You complete me,’ RUN!!!” she added.

The book is due out next September, and is sure to be another piece of liberal propaganda against Christians…

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H/T: Daily Mail


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