Walmart Embraces Shariah Law

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Walmart is under fire this week after making a ridiculous decision in which they embraced Shariah Law.

For the last few weeks, Muslim students at the University of Miami have been protesting at their local Walmart, saying that it is offensive that the store doesn’t sell “Halal-certified” meats. Finally, Walmart buckled under pressure and agreed to serve this special type of meat, which is kosher and is slaughtered by Muslims who praise Allah during the slaughter process.

Visiting professor Tareq Hasan Khan teamed up with the Muslim Student Association to take on the local Walmart, saying it was too inconvenient to drive to the next nearest store to find the meats.

Since the Halal chicken and meat has to be certified, we strongly recommend the local stores to sell chicken products from Crescent Foods and beef products from Midamar,” Khan told reporters. 

Some are pointing to the fact that Khan suggested two specific retailers as evidence that the professor has ulterior motives for this protest, and that wasn’t the only sketchy thing he had to say…

When asked how many Muslim students attend the University of Miami, Khan refused to give concrete numbers, instead vaguely saying that the number increases every year. His guarded response suggests that there are actually very few Muslims in the area who would buy these meats from Walmart, but the PC superstore doesn’t seem to care.

“I appreciated the students bringing this interest to our attention,” said Elijah Woodard, manager of the Walmart in Oxford, Florida. “I am pleased to announce that we have set a halal meat section in the store.”

We’ll see if Walmart will be this open to changes requested by other religions such as Christianity. Something tells me they won’t be bending over backwards for us anytime soon…

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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