“Give This Man a Bible”: Rear Admiral Destroys Obama’s Assault on Christianity

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Many high-ranking servicemen keep a tight lip when it comes to their true feelings about Obama’s policies on religious expression in the military. Coast Guard Rear Admiral William D. Lee is not one of those men. He spoke out against the Obama Administration’s war on Christianity, even though there was a strong chance it would get him demoted or worse.

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Lee recalled helping a distressed serviceman who had once been suicidal:

“Yet, if I do something, such as I did several weeks ago when I was looking into the face of a young man, 20-something years old, who had 18 months before put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger and survived, when I looked at that young man and I heard his story, the rules say send him to the chaplain. My heart said, give this man a Bible.”


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Lee has vowed to read and share the Bible with his fellow servicemen – even if it costs him his job. Show this brave soldier your support in the comments section.

H/T: Political Insider

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