Newly Discovered Pornographic Evidence May Lead to Jodi Arias’ Acquittal

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Defense attorneys for Jodi Arias filed a motion on Monday to dismiss all charges against the murderess. Citing prosecutorial misconduct, the defense has argued that thousands of files were deleted from Travis Alexander’s computer. They allegedly contained a “plethora” of pornographic material, some which suggested Alexander had an interest in young boys.

A computer-forensics expert hired by the defense determined that thousands of pornography files were deleted from Alexander’s computer while it was in the possession of Mesa police. As a result, this evidence was never presented during Arias’ first trial, in which she was convicted of murder. The files could have potentially been incredibly damaging to the character of the victim.

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USA Today revealed:

The subject of pornography is relevant for several reasons: Prosecutor Juan Martinez has portrayed Alexander as a devout Mormon and has portrayed Arias as the sexual predator.

Arias claimed in her testimony at trial that she once walked in on Alexander, her sometime lover, while he was masturbating to photos of young boys.

Martinez vigorously disputed those claims as lies intended to discredit Alexander’s good name. And he dismissed as forgeries letters that Arias claimed Alexander had written to her as apologies, while forensics experts said only that they could not be authenticated because they were copies.

Before Arias’ first trial, a different expert found that no evidence had been deleted from Alexander’s computer, however, attorney’s for Arias sought a second opinion.  Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott requested the computer so that it might be examined by their own expert, but only in recent weeks was it given to them for forensic evaluation. An evidentiary hearing on the computer scheduled for Oct. 20, the day before the trial began, had to be canceled because the defense’s expert did not receive the computer until that same day.

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Mesa police testified during Arias’ 2013 trial that no pornography of any kind was present on Alexander’s computer, but according to the motion, thousands of pornographic files were deleted during a three-hour block of time during which the computer was in the possession of the Mesa Police Department. On June 19, 2009, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, who testified in Arias’ first trial and sits at the prosecutor’s table with Juan Martinez, removed the computer from the evidence department and took it to “Forensic Services.” During that time period, thousands of files were deleted.

Furthermore, the dates which Alexander allegedly accessed the pornographic websites do not coincide with times that Arias was in Arizona, meaning she could not have been the one visiting the sites from Alexander’s computer. Flores’ 2013 testimony appears to have been a massive lie. If this new information is accurate, it could result in perjury charges against him. No hearing date on the defense motion has been scheduled yet.

As an alternative to dismissing the charges against Arias, the defense asked that the death penalty option be dropped. If the motion is successful, Arias’ current trial would end immediately. Neither the prosecutors or Mesa police would comment on the allegations, per orders from Judge Sherry Stephens, who has made an intense effort to keep the specifics of this trial out of the public eye.

Do you think that this should be grounds to acquit Jodi Arias of her gruesome murder or at least drop the death penalty as an option? Tell us in the comments section.

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