Thug Who Raped Veteran’s Wife Before Killing Them Both Is Sentenced

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A 27 year-old thug has been sentenced to death for his role in the brutal slaying of an Iraqi war veteran and his wife.

In 2008, Kesaun Sykes and three friends broke into the home of Jan Pietrzak and his wife of two months, Quiana. They gang of punks then took turns raping Qiana while they forced Jan to watch.

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Afterwards, they tried to burn the house down while the couple was still alive inside. When that failed, they shot each of them in the head execution style.

Two of the other accomplices have also been given the death penalty, and the fourth was given life without parole. While some are uncomfortable with the death penalty at times, District Attorney Daniel DeLimon thinks it was the perfect punishment for Sykes.

“He earned his place on death row. If people are still alive, and you’re trying to burn the house down on top of them, obviously, you are in, you are in all the way.”

Doug Myers, Sykes’ lawyer, has a different take on the sentence.

“A death sentence for Kesaun, who was not the actual killer, who did not direct the killings, and who was exposed to such awful abuse and neglect throughout most of his life, was not warranted.”

Though Sykes was given the death penalty, he was given this sentence in California, meaning he will likely remain on death row for many years as he lives off our hard earned tax dollars…

What do you think about Sykes’ punishment? Did he get what he deserved? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune 

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