Reese Witherspoon Takes a Major Stand for Christian Values

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Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon stars in a new movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan, which she says features strong Christian messages of faith in God and perseverance in the face of hardship. Not only is the actress starring in the faith-based film, she’s speaking out about the Christian values we hear so little about on the silver screen.

“It is true in lots and lots of Hollywood scripts in my career, it is rare that you get the opportunity to make a film about something that has a great Christian message,” Witherspoon told the Catholic News Agency during a recent phone interview.

“Do these people in Hollywood not think that there’s an incredible majority percentage of America (that) is Christian communities?” Witherspoon added. Tinsel Town is notorious for ignoring the Christian community in favor of promoting over-sexualized, blasphemous, degrading ideology in their films. Witherspoon is apparently keen to something most of Hollywood’s elite are not.

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CNA revealed the story behind the moving film:

Based on true stories of Sudanese refugees, “The Good Lie” opens nationwide Oct. 3 and follows a group of Lost Boys – tens of thousands of mainly Christian children who were orphaned by the Sudanese civil war of 1983 to 2005 and were sometimes forced to be child soldiers – on their journey from their war-torn homes to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.

After living in the camp for over a decade, three of the boys, now young men, win a lottery to immigrate to America, where they are met by emotionally isolated social worker, Carrie – played by Witherspoon – who is charged with helping them assimilate and find jobs in Kansas City, Mo.

The refugees, Mamere, Jerimiah and Paul, are played by Sudanese actors Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal.

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Witherspoon revealed that faith in God helped the young boys make it through their horrific childhoods. “You’d think that anyone who’d had that profoundly upsetting childhood experience would be devastated to the point of not being able to function,” she said. “But these men have been, they’re incredibly spiritual, they’re incredibly positive. They just glow with gratitude for the opportunities that have been presented to them.”

The actress and mother took another small shot at her peers, saying, “I think in my own life, and with my children, service in our communities is the antidote to the kind of complete self-absorbing society that we live in.” Very true. I can think of a few Hollywood progressives who would do well to get out in the real world and do a bit of service.

It’s always refreshing when a Hollywood favorite speaks out in support of Christian values. It doesn’t happen everyday, but when it does, we delight in reporting on it. Show your support for Reese Witherspoon’s fearless move to promote Christianity in the comments section!

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